Introducing: The


A new glyph for “and/or” statements.

a serif version of the Andorsand glyph

Are you ready for the greatest and/or strangest logogram ever created? Then it’s time to embrace the andorsand!

Inspired by lesser known glyphs, like the interrobang and percontation point, I set out to design a modified version of the ampersand. By adding a tiny “r” at the end of the andersand, we have a new symbol that clearly represents “and/or”.

“Popularizing a new logogram like the andorsand today might be as straightforward as getting it incorporated into digital technologies people use on a regular basis.”

—Kurt Kohlstedt on

So now we have the perfect symbol for “and/or” statements, but how can we start using it?

My plan is to :submit a proposal for the andorsand to the unicode consortium, but first we have to see people using it in the wild.

If you are a font designer, consider adding the andorsand to your font. If you do, send me a link and I’ll feature your font on this site.

I’m also inviting artists and designers to submit their versions of the andorsand, which I’ll feature on this site’s gallery.